Summer Fitness ’19 Fitness / Performance Training at MERGE!

Greetings from your MERGE family!   Summer ’19 training schedule and some fun news! Keep reading for how to create your summer plans! AND please pass along to friends, teammates and anyone who might be interested!

We would LOVE the opportunity to work with you on your fitness and performance goals this summer.  As long-time trainer, current Fighting Saints S&C Coach and part MERGE owner, Jim Romagna describes it,

“Your off season from your sport is your in-season for strength and conditioning. Let the focus shift from your sport skill to strength, speed and endurance for your sport. Now is the time to lay the foundation for your successes of next season.”

 This summer we have MORE space to accommodate larger and more groups! While we still have our spaceat the Dubuque PT/MERGE clinic on the corner of JFK and Asbury, we have created an alternative space at Inn Plaza (3430 Dodge St) next to HR Block, Vibe Dance and AbbaDent. This space allows us to accommodate larger groups AND provide more flexibility in training times. This summer you will not be locked into a particular time or group! Stay tuned..this space is temporary! Coming soon a new MERGE facility option!

Beginning on June 10th, you will be able to choose from the following days and times for LARGE GROUP TRAINING:

Mondays (Strength focus)….. 8 am, 10 am, or 4 pm.

Tuesdays (Speed and agility focus)… 8 am, 10 am, or 4 pm.

Wednesdays (Strength focus)….. 8 am, 10 am, or 4 pm.

Thursdays (Speed and agility focus)… 8 am, 10 am, or 4 pm.

Fridays (Strength focus)….. 9 am, 10 am.

$10 per session in advance through MINDBODY

 We will still have individual and small group training available by request.


*DASH Athletes

10-12s … will meet at 9 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

13 and overs … 9 am on Mondays and Wednesdays.

*All Around Athletes … Fridays at 12 pm with additional date TBD.

*Dubuque Sr Basketball … per team schedule.

*Potosi / Cassville Athletics… per team schedule.


NOTE additional team and club sessions available. Want your own teams time? – Lets talk.

SO you set your schedule. Want to go M, W, F at 10, you can! Need a mix, throw in a Tues or Thursday. Work in the mornings, come at 4!  Lifting with your team at school, come on Tuesdays and Thursdays for speed and agility. Want to come with friends, just sign up for the same sessions (read below on how to sign up)!


We have begun using the “App” MINDBODY (search “MINDBODY: Gym” in your app store), for both scheduling and payment. OR CLICK HERE:

It’s a very user-friendly app many facilities use.  Very handy. You sign up in advance; how far in advance is up to you.  You can sign up the night before (if space still available) or plan your whole week or summer out. Want to sign up with friends, just be sure to register for the same session (space will be limited still so be sure to sign up as far ahead of time as possible).  So all you need to do is download the app, sign up for your sessions, and come.

If you have NOT done a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) with us prior to summer, please contact us and we will get that scheduled prior to your first planned session.


A MERGE Performance Institute led program allows an athlete the opportunity to have programming that allows them to train appropriately and safely.  Its big picture development.  And we are able to supplement the work you are doing with your team.  Its not overtraining.

Partnered with Dubuque Physical Therapy, MERGE Performance has the resources and business model to be successful. Physical Therapy and Rehab when needed!

Our trainers are all certified and come with experience.  Many are area college educators and professors.

We have experience working with various large groups / teams individually catering to needs based on sport, sex, season.

Dubuque Fighting Saints

Union Dubuque FC

Several Dubuque Senior High School athletic teams


Potosi High School

All Around Gymnastics

Eric Munson Baseball

Don’t take our word for it…

“Being introduced to Merge and the knowledgeable professionals that have put their heart into building it, has contributed to the success my young daughters have attained as they follow their passion for track & field as well as distance running! Their dedication to youth development continues to be apparent and our family is excited to be a part of the MergeFam!”– Sara Martensen

“Excellent trainers and physical therapists and focus on the overall well-being of the athlete.”  Great place! – Anne Hefel

“Everybody at MERGE Performance has been great! Our kids know that the personalized programs their trainer has created for them will pay big dividends in competition in upcoming seasons. Feeling stronger and healthy.”– Nate Terwilleger,

“The tailored workouts created by the experienced trainers combined with a positive atmosphere make the Merge sessions enjoyable and enriching for our children.”– Jud Kadolph

Human performance is our passion! We draw from a wealth of knowledge and experience as athletes, coaches, and professionals in the sports performance and fitness world. We are Dubuque community members and we have a commitment to our city as a whole. COME TRAIN WITH US THIS SUMMER!

Questions, concerns, please let us know.


Your #MERGEfam team,

Sidney Kohl, Jason Meyer, Jim Romagna and Joel Janecek

2300 JFK Ste 1

Dubuque IA  52001